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Computer Forensics Undergraduate Placement

Computer Forensics Undergraduate Placement

Location: Bury
Salary: Approx. £12,500 per annum
Start Date: June 2018
Duration: 15 Months
Hours: 37.5 hours per week
Holiday Entitlement: 20 days per annum

Company Background

CYFOR is a global services firm providing extensive knowledge and expertise in digital forensics and eDiscovery. With over ten years’ experience in handling client’s electronic data, our portfolio of clients reflects our excellent reputation. Today’s prevalence of electronic data demands a reliable proven solution. Whether dealing with a forensic investigation, disclosure for a regulatory case or commercial litigation, CYFOR will provide a leading edge service combined with a wealth of experience. CYFOR focuses on providing a quality and business aware approach to our clients in legal and professional firms, the private and public sectors, and regulatory and law enforcement agencies. Our diverse expertise enables us to give our clients the best possible advice across all services.

Positions Available

The positions are for ambitious undergraduates studying a Computer Forensics related degree with a keen interest in digital forensics and the intention of pursuing a career in this field; we require placement students to be based at the head office in Bury.

CYFOR is looking for keen, enthusiastic, proactive students who have the ability and drive to learn quickly and contribute towards the continued growth and success of CYFOR.

Role of a Forensic Technician

You will work in the main office as a forensic technician. This role involves creating forensically sound acquisitions of computer based electronic evidence using specialist forensic software, such as EnCase and the Forensic Toolkit, in accordance with national guidelines for evidence recovery, preservation and presentation of computer evidence; this may require you to preserve evidence for fingerprints and DNA analysis. In addition to the above, you will be required to attend onsite locations and perform acquisitions. On some occasions, you will be required to assist forensic investigators with onsite investigations; processing the recovered data into a form suitable for investigators to examine for evidential content, ensuring all data is archived in accordance with SOP’s.

An important aspect of the forensic technician role is the control of evidence which involves managing incoming and outgoing evidence; receiving, recording and signing for computer evidence submitted for examination. It will also be the forensic technician’s responsibility to manage the secure evidence store, performing relevant security checks, ensuring continuity of all exhibits and maintaining integrity throughout.
You will be required to prepare Criminal Justice Act statements and exhibits to a standard suitable for use in criminal or civil court; you may be required to testify in court on results of seizure and handling of evidence; there is also the opportunity to research new areas of forensic computing and fully document your findings.

Key Benefits
• Real life experience in the computer forensics industry.
• An excellent personal development plan.
• Opportunity to study and obtain recognised industry certification.
• Training in computer forensic related fields, expert witness testimony and the opportunity to attend other training events.
• Opportunity to attend computer forensic events.

Essential Skills
• High level of computer hardware knowledge.
• High level understanding of a range of operating systems including Windows & UNIX platforms.
• Good written and oral communication skills.
• An understanding of networking, network related hardware and network troubleshooting.
• Excellent team player and able to communicate with all levels of staff.

Desirable Skills
• Desire to keep up-to-date with all aspects of future computer technology.
• Good knowledge of forensic acquisition tools including but not limited to EnCase and the Forensic Toolkit and Linux forensic tools such as CAINE.
• Exceptional level of understanding of a range of operating systems including all Windows operating systems, Apple operating systems and UNIX.
• Excellent working knowledge of networking, network hardware and network troubleshooting, which can be demonstrated through previous endeavours.

Essential Requirements
It is an essential requirement of your employment that you are able to obtain, within two months of the date on which your employment commences, and thereafter at all times, appropriate security clearance to the appropriate level. It is also a requirement that you have a valid driving license.

Closing Date: 28th February 2018

Please apply by email with CV and covering letter formatted as one PDF document to

IMPORTANT: Please use your university email account to apply; any applications not received in the specified format will be excluded.

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