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Managed Document Review

Are you faced with extremely tight eDisclosure deadlines and only have a small in-house review team? CYFOR facilitate legal document review as part of our fixed price quotations.

Managed Document Review

As part of our Managed Document Review service, we are partnered with a leading provider of document review lawyers and paralegals, enabling us to provide large or bespoke teams on short notice. We have provided reviewers to a variety of organisations ranging from Financial Institutions to Law Firms.

Our candidate pool consists of lawyers and paralegals from various jurisdictions with specific emphasis on UK, US and Common Law qualifications as well as global foreign languages. These requests can be turned around in several hours (including weekends), and are fully screened before commencing an assignment.

Qualified Document Reviewers (Lawyers)

Our document review lawyers are qualified in UK, US and Common Law jurisdictions with significant litigation, arbitration and regulatory investigation experience.

Multilingual Document Reviewers

Our foreign language document reviewers are paralegals and qualified lawyers who are fluent in various languages. We have a wide range of languages available.

Non-Qualified Document Reviewers (Paralegals)

Our non-qualified document reviewers are candidates who have completed the LLB or GDL, as well as the LPC, with a minimum of six months experience.


CYFOR understand that with the exponential increase in global electronic data there are inherent risks and rising legal costs. From the onset to completion of the project, our experienced document review team deliver a comprehensive and effective legal review, delivering key information throughout. By working in this matter ensures that CYFOR deliver exceptional results while ensuring cost reduction. We provide our Managed Document Review service as part of our fixed price review to manage eDisclosure costs through the entirety of the life-cycle.


CYFOR’s Managed Document Review Service utilises the Relativity platform, which performs the seamless task of document review. CYFOR have an in-house team of qualified experts and Relativity Certified Administrators who harness the full capability of the software including Relativity Analytics and predictive coding, providing a streamlined workflow.

We can improvise a full audit trail, enabling complete transparency, and allowing senior project managers to oversee the review team’s progress at all stages. This expertise within technology-assisted review ensures that the technology at our disposal is maximised parallel to strategic workflows, in turn avoiding spiralling legal costs.


At CYFOR we analyse your case in the greatest detail to gain a thorough understanding and appoint a bespoke document review team most suited for your specific legal matter. These can include building a team who are multilingual proficient and who may have specific industry knowledge. This will ensure that document review is completed in the shortest time, the most efficient manner and the highest standard.

We have access to a range of multilingual Relativity certified reviewers through to paralegals that can facilitate all requirements and budgets. From a requirement for one paralegal, right through to a multilingual review team for an urgent complex disclosure, we can assist immediately.

Find out more about how our eDisclosure services can assist with your electronic information challenges

Manchester: 0161 797 8123

London: 0207 438 2045

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Find out more about how our eDisclosure services can assist with your electronic information challenges

London: 0207 438 2045

Manchester: 0161 797 8123

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