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Forensic Data Collection

With international experience and remote download capabilities, CYFOR are specialists in secure forensic data collection.

Forensic Data Collection Services

CYFOR understand the critical nature of imaging digital devices in cases where investigations or disclosure may be required. Capturing this data using forensically sound methodology is vital if the integrity of any subsequent investigation is to be maintained. Our team operates globally, often travelling at short notice to ensure that a complete set of onsite data is recovered. Our fully qualified digital forensic experts are no strangers to complex global data extractions, across the full spectrum of digital devices, under time restrictive deadlines.

Remote Data Collection

CYFOR understands the wider commercial implications of forensic data collection, including the cost and disruption to the business. As such we also offer the collection of logical evidence files, which allows you to select which files or folders you wish to preserve, instead of acquiring the entire drive or server. Our team of specialists have extensive experience in the remote data collection of electronically stored information (ESI) across a vast range of sectors. This method of forensic data collection can reduce processing costs and minimise disruption to business continuity through live acquisition via remote data download.

CYFOR’s Forensic Data Collection Service covers a range of matters;

From the first point of instruction, CYFOR provides a bespoke workflow to collate all the data in a forensically sound manner, while advising on the best technical strategies, using the latest software. We ensure all relevant data sources have been identified and mapped out prior to forensically acquiring, analysing and reporting digital evidence.

  • Regulatory disclosure
  • Data preservation during litigation
  • Electronic disclosure
  • Compliance investigations
  • Litigation
  • Dispute Resolution

Digital Evidence Collection

Our forensic specialists have experience in collecting digital evidence across a broad range of sectors. From extraction through to presentation in court, CYFOR maintains secure evidence continuity, throughout the entire life-cycle of your data.

  • Emails - Cloud based and local email exchange
  • Computers, laptops and tablets
  • Mobile phones
  • Deleted data
  • Hard copy documentation
  • Audio and video data
  • Social media accounts

Find out more about how our eDisclosure services can assist with your electronic information challenges

Manchester: 0161 797 8123

London: 0207 438 2045

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Find out more about how our eDisclosure services can assist with your electronic information challenges

London: 0207 438 2045

Manchester: 0161 797 8123

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