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eDiscovery Training Seminars

eDiscovery Training Seminars

CYFOR offer bespoke eDiscovery training seminars, tailored to your firm’s specific requirements, keeping you ahead of the curve with dispute resolution and litigation.

Vast amounts of electronically stored information now exist in every organisation.  Should you need to find pertinent emails or documents in response to a litigation or regulatory enquiry, where would you start?

CYFOR’s bespoke eDiscovery training seminars provide your firm with detailed insight into electronic discovery. They break down the component elements, which includes the full EDRM life-cycle, demonstrating how it can be instrumental to your case. These educational sessions typically last an hour and are arranged entirely at your convenience. They can be held at your premises, perhaps as part of your monthly meeting or as a breakfast/ lunch briefing.

Exploring the most important eDiscovery trends

Finding that elusive ‘needle in a haystack’ can be an extremely time consuming and expensive task. Our eDiscovery specialists are on hand to discuss the eDiscovery workflow—from forensic data collection to the production of responsive documents and cover topics such as the following;

  • Examining the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM)
  • How to manage your electronic information
  • The importance of forensic methods for data preservation
  • The advantages of using eDiscovery software
  • Understand the basis of eDiscovery and where it fits into the legal process
  • Have an understanding of the EDRM, what suppliers/lawyers need to do at each stage and the various technologies that can assist.
  • Have explored the requirements for budgeting
  • Understand the main requirements for collection, processing, review and analysis.
  • Be aware of the common pitfalls along the way, key issues to focus on
  • Participate in a workshop exercise to consolidate knowledge and assure key principles have been absorbed
  • Gain an understanding of current hot topics
  • eDiscovery Vs eDisclosure
  • What lawyers need to do at each stage of the EDRM
  • Requirements for collection, processing, review & analysis

To enquire about our eDiscovery Training Seminars, please feel free to get in touch;

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