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CYFOR’s Head of eDisclosure shares his thoughts

CYFOR’s Head of eDisclosure shares his thoughts on the progression of the company

I’ve watched with interest as CYFOR forged their furrow as one of the leaders in Computer Forensics, working for police forces, law firms and corporates. They have won numerous awards, hosted multiple seminars and even taken part in the BBC Panorama programme.

Over the past couple of years CYFOR has also quietly but efficiently been providing eDisclosure and eDiscovery expertise to their client base. The need for these services is increasing year on year and more often than not the eDiscovery of data after it has been collected is becoming increasingly necessary.

With the acquisition of eOrigin Ltd which provided specialist eDiscovery mobile and hosted services, the eDisclosure stable of CYFOR is impressive. CYFOR now has eDiscovery technology leaders in Clearwell, Digital Reef and NUIX. Couple that with the experience of the investigators and project teams spread across the UK means a fundamental eDiscovery company all on its own.

For me, the acquisition has created a superbly strong, credible and trusted eDisclosure company. But has the real claim that with its already very mature forensics and collections services in place, the ability to handle complex litigation from the very start of the case with the collection of data through to the disclosure of documentation within the litigation is sound. In our industry eDiscovery firms have often tried to collect data but can make mistakes and essentially skew the provenance of the data. With CYFOR the opposite is true in that they fully understand the critical nature of a legally defensible collection leading to the discovery of electronic data and its subsequent disclosure.

In 2012 there is one thing guaranteed to all of us, data will expand and become more complex. With this comes the challenges of collecting data which could be called into question when litigation strikes. Data is stored everywhere nowadays within corporates. From local servers to hosted applications to the cloud and social media. This adds difficulties in targeting the collection of data, the potential data size and then the potential for hundreds of thousands of documents for review. All I can say is its a good job there is a company called CYFOR that totally understands this and lives and breathes it every day.

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