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CYFOR releases digital forensics & eDisclosure corporate video

CYFOR this week released a new corporate video to its UK legal and corporate markets.

The video explains the core digital forensics & eDisclosure services that CYFOR provides,  how it operates and what it can achieve for its legal and corporate clients.

The video was produced as an overview of CYFOR’s digital forensics & eDisclosure services, tracing the journey that digital evidence takes through the civil litigation and criminal law life-cycle. From identifying, preserving and collecting the data through to processing and reviewing it ready for production and presentation, the video depicts the company’s capability at each stage.”

“A company must communicate its services in an engaging way”, said Joel Tobias, CYFOR’s Managing Director and founder.

“CYFOR’s work on some of the UK’s most high profile civil and criminal legal cases means the nature of our work is inherently attention-grabbing and dramatic. And the medium of video is ideal for communicating that excitement.”

eDisclosure refers to disclosure in civil litigation which deals with information in an electronic format.

Uniquely for an eDisclosure provider, CYFOR is able to collect digital evidence from anywhere in the UK within a 4 hour time-frame – it has ground and air logistics capability, including a helicopter which features in the video – allowing for a rapid response to clients’ requests.

“As soon as instructions are received, our team of digital forensics investigators, project managers and support staff, can be deployed to anywhere in the world. Part of the CYFOR story is the lengths to which we go in order to secure the crucial evidence – whether it is on computer hard drives, servers or mobile devices – ready for the relevant legal team, regulator or law enforcement agency to review.”

He added: “This video showcases how CYFOR manages the digital evidence following its collection, which is where CYFOR’s investigators come into their own; we employ state of the art technology to uncover the crucial evidence our client is looking for.”

The video features testimonials from kCura founder and CEO, Andrew Sieja, and Lee Meyrick, Director of Information Management at Nuix. The production is yet another step in CYFOR’s programme of engagement with legal teams and corporates involved in digital forensics & eDisclosure. It explains to them that CYFOR is at the leading edge of digital forensics & eDisclosure demonstrating its quest for innovative and successful client service and experience.”

The video can also be viewed at:

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