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CYFOR & PKF seminar – 9th September

CYFOR & PKF are holding a joint seminar on how business intelligence and computer forensics can combine to protect your business at times of corporate and digital fraud.

This seminar will present a unique opportunity to listen to the presentation of those involved in this intriguing sector.

The case study below highlights how forensic action secured sufficient evidence to bring fraudsters to justice:

PKF was engaged by a Private Equity firm in London in respect of issues it had with a current and ex-employee of one of its investments. It was believed that the current employee was passing sensitive company information to the ex-senior employee who was on ‘garden leave’ to assist him in successfully setting up a rival business.

PKF began by gathering intelligence from the public domain and through access to a network of tried and tested private sources located domestically and internationally PKF was able to provide a full profile of the rival business belonging to the ex-employee in question The intelligence gathered also enabled PKF to identify the arrangements the ex-employee had established with suppliers, which clients of the Private Equity firm had already been approached and which other former colleagues he had remained in contact with.

Then the client turned its attention to evidence which would be admissible in a UK court. A critical aspect of this was the evidence based in digital storage media, such as email servers and mobile devices.  In order to ensure admissibility of this evidence in court the company turned to CYFOR to undertake the Forensic IT aspect of the investigation.

As a result of CYFOR’s computer forensics investigation it was revealed that pricing structures, marketing initiatives, and client lists had been emailed to the ex employee over a 6 month period. Following an analysis of the ex employee’s imaged hard drive, it was revealed that the ex employee had been emailing similar information to a private web-based email account prior to leaving the firm.

CYFOR also conducted a forensic investigation of the current employee’s work iPhone and an investigation of the ex employee’s returned work blackberry. As a result, It was revealed that the plan had been hatched around 6 months before the ex employee’s dismissal. This was supported by the emails uncovered in the computer forensics investigation.

Finally, PKF also provided a forensic analysis for the quantum of loss due to the success of the rival business (taking clients away) and expert testimony in court.

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