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CYFOR Launches Vulnerability Assessment Services

Vulnerability Assessment Services

CYFOR has launched unique vulnerability assessment services to help businesses avoid hackers or disgruntled employees exploiting their systems.

With high profile hacking reported daily including recent cases of Sony and SOCA, companies face serious risk by not protecting their IT environment.

Joel Tobias, CYFOR Managing Director, commented;

“It’s a cliché, but prevention is better than cure. We’ve launched vulnerability assessment services to help companies protect the confidentiality of their corporate information, disruption to services and lost business costs.”

Combining our nine-year experience in digital forensics with industry-leading products from Rapid 7, rated as “strong positive” in Gartner Market-scope for Vulnerability Assessment 2011, the solution will help build awareness of information security issues.  The vulnerability assessment services are also supported by our forensic readiness review, which ensures companies are prepared should they need to respond to regulatory compliance, support a digital forensic investigation, or as part of an internal investigation.

Joel continued,

“Identifying and managing risk relating to vulnerabilities enables businesses to quantify and qualify security risks, and apply resources to re-mediate those risks in the most efficient manner.  Formalising the vulnerability management process should be high on the priority list of all organisations.”

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