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Manchester: 0161 797 8123

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CYFOR launch dedicated Cyber Security & IT Support website: CYFOR SECURE


Due to an increase in demand, CYFOR have launched CYFOR Secure. A branch of the business dedicated to supporting the combined Cyber Security & IT Support requirements of businesses across the UK. 

Since 2002, CYFOR have been at the forefront of niche eDiscovery, Digital Forensics and Cyber Security services. Due to a demand from CYFOR’s client base and an identified opportunity within the marketplace, CYFOR Secure has been developed. This dedicated department will focus on delivering premium managed IT support services, enhanced with cyber security to businesses across the UK.

Years of advanced digital forensic and cyber security investigations has led to CYFOR identifying this requirement. The majority of incidents CYFOR have responded to could have been avoided by the correct implementation of basic IT Security. A common misconception is that organisations are covered by their IT providers to the standard required to protect against cyber criminals, but this isn’t always the case.

An ignorance of cyber threats and network vulnerabilities has kept us consistently busy responding to avoidable incidents. Businesses typically speak to us after reputational and operational damage has been already been done.

Our background and expertise clearly sets us apart from the competition. We believe we can provide a superior service offering cost effective, cyber enhanced IT support strategies.

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