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CYFOR Creates Crime Investigations and Civil Investigations Teams

CYFOR has restructured to incorporate two distinct teams – Criminal and Business Crime Investigations and Civil Investigations and eDisclosure.

“The distinction between crime and civil litigation is an accepted legal categorisation which has long been reflected within our corporate structure, but has until now remained only an internal separation. The time is right to use these two natural skill sets to our commercial advantage,” said Ryan Farber, CYFOR Operations Director.

Criminal and Business Crime Team

The Criminal and Business Crime Investigations Team specialises in investigating digital evidence including computer hard drives, mobile devices, cell-cite analysis, email, documents, social media traffic and internet history.

Sam McIntosh, Head of the Criminal and Business Crime Team said: “I would like to introduce our legal clients to the Criminal and Business Crime Investigations Team at CYFOR.”

“The Team acts for both the prosecution and also defence teams whose clients are involved in regulatory investigations involving allegations of fraud, corruption, tax evasion, insider dealing, money laundering and offences under the Companies Act.”

CYFOR regularly assists in the defence investigation in prosecutions by the Serious Fraud Office, the Financial Conduct Authority, HM Revenue & Customs, regional police fraud squads, and the City of London Police Economic Crime Unit. Additionally the team has also been instructed to assist in the investigations on behalf of these bodies and our most recent notable case was the investigation of Christopher Ronnie and the JJB Fraud for the Serious Fraud Office.

Sam McIntosh added: “Often our work on cases of fraud, financial or business crime includes examining huge volumes of evidence.  We are adept at sifting out the material of value for the defence and do not lose sight of the objectives of the defence case.  We also look outside of materials provided by the prosecution to find the best evidence to support the defence’s case.”

The Team maintains the latest forensic software and electronic review platforms to ensure that the investigation is both thorough and rapid.

The skills the Criminal and Business Crime Unit is known for:

  • Regularly called upon by legal clients to investigate digital evidence in fraud offences, including tax fraud, money laundering, market manipulation and insider trading;
  • Handling a wide range of work across the criminal and fraud spectrum, including very serious and high profile cases;
  • Having worked on cases for both the prosecution and the defence  teams , we have thorough knowledge of the investigative techniques that the prosecution use;
  • Personal service by a dedicated Account Manager , ensuring that your case is given the highest priority and attention;
  • As CYFOR has a large investigations team , we are able to provide a very quick turnaround when required and offer a free case conference;
  • Acting on very short notice on cases involving international investigation of digital evidence , including recent investigations in Saudi Arabia, Kiev and Russia to undertake onsite imaging of servers and forensic examination of data.

Civil Investigation and eDisclosure Team

The restructure has allowed the Civil Investigations and eDisclosure Team to further identify its market.

Lawrie Hall who will head the team is confident that reorganisation will encourage operational excellence. He said: “Our desire is to streamline CYFOR’s existing units to create a flatter, more accessible structure with well-defined roles. I lead a team of eDisclosure specialists who have a long track record of achievement in complex, high stakes, commercial disputes. Now, having a distinct identity, will allow us to properly profile our work to the people that matter most – the litigation lawyers and corporates that instruct us for eDisclosure.”

CYFOR’s Civil Investigations and eDisclosure Team brings experience in a full range of corporate investigation, from white collar crime and fraud, corporate and finance transactions, accounting and regulatory investigations, and foreign corrupt practices. Using state of the art e-disclosure tools and sophisticated data analytics techniques, our team supports all aspects of corporate investigations.

Mr Hall said: “We often bring the eDisclosure process to bear in advance of formal proceedings where legal teams require an early indication of the relative strengths and weaknesses of their case to support decisions concerning the pursuit or settlement of the matter.”

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