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CYFOR boosts e-Disclosure offering with Clearwell agreement


CYFOR has signed an agreement with Clearwell Systems Inc to become a certified e-Disclosure service provider, thus combining CYFOR’s specialist digital forensic services with Clearwell’s approved e-Disclosure solutions.

The agreement will significantly boost CYFOR’s e-Disclosure offering, enabling clients to utilise the Clearwell Intelligence Platform.

This will be on a hosted basis to streamline the ability to identify, collect, process, analyse and review the information required for litigation, investigations and regulatory demands.

Disclosure is the legal process whereby both sides request information from each other to discover facts pertinent to a particular case, whilst e-Disclosure involves electronically stored information – which with the increasing reliance on digital media plays a crucial role in litigation.

The demand for e-Disclosure is growing by around 25 per cent each year and this rise is set to continue. Whilst digital evidence used to be the exception, now every litigation or regulatory action is asking for some form of electronically stored information to be produced.

Two significant trends are driving the dramatic increase in e-disclosure: the rapid growth of digital information and the continuous increase in regulation and litigation.

“Digital evidence plays a key role in the majority of litigation cases. However, it is an incredibly complex task which requires IT and legal teams to navigate through increasing volumes of information,” says Joel Tobias, managing director of CYFOR.

He added:

“Whilst e-Disclosure is now appreciated as standard business procedure, many large corporations and law firms still need guidance to handle the process. We would always advise against entrusting internal IT personnel to gather data when they have no understanding of digital forensics.”

The Clearwell Intelligence Platform enables rapid processing, early visibility into case facts and streamlined review to help lower e-Disclosure costs. Serving both in-house counsel and legal professionals, the agreement with Clearwell will enable CYFOR to offer significant cost, time and risk reductions to enterprises, regulatory organisations and law firms.

“CYFOR is already leading the field in digital forensics,” says Tobias. “This agreement means we can now provide a streamlined offering that enables us to compete with global players in e-Disclosure. What’s more, our boutique offering means our service remains undiluted; we can offer faster and more flexible data collection at a more cost-effective price.”

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