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CYFOR adopts Nuix to enhance digital investigations

digital investigations

CYFOR is pleased to announce that they have partnered with Nuix, a leading supplier of investigative solutions, to integrate the Nuix Enterprise Discovery Solution into their existing legal technology infrastructure.

Joel Tobias, Managing Director of CYFOR, commented

“Nuix’s ability to collect, process and search large volumes of data, from varied sources including, Forensic Images, Exchange Sever, Sharepoint and a broad range of cloud based repositories will enable CYFOR to conduct large scale digital investigations quicker and more efficiently.”

CYFOR already has an extensive suite of investigative tools including Encase, Forensic Toolkit and Clearwell and the adoption of Nuix will further enhance it’s reputation as a leading supplier of digital investigation services and eDisclosure.

“We look forward to helping CYFOR use our technology to provide industry-leading digital investigations and eDisclosure services that solve urgent and sensitive problems for their clients,” says Jim Kent, CEO of Nuix EMEA.

The Nuix enterprise discovery solution was chosen after extensive research into other products available and represents a considerable investment by CYFOR in infrastructure improvements.

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