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A more comprehensive eDiscovery solution

I reported last month the exciting news that Clearwell was to become part of Symantec. This has now been formalised and the acquisition provides a combined eDiscovery solution for archiving, backup and electronic disclosure.

As a certified Clearwell partner, this great opportunity will benefit CYFOR’s clients:

  • Reduce costs across all phases represented in the Electronic Discovery Reference Model, from information management through review and production
  • Reduce risk by improving the defensibility and repeatability of their archiving and eDiscovery process
  • Streamline the end-to-end archiving and eDiscovery lifecycle to meet legal and regulatory deadlines
  • Start managing information and conducting eDiscovery in as little as one day; whether on-premise, as a hosted solution or in the cloud
  • Meet their enterprise-wide archiving and eDiscovery needs, whether they have less than 25 to more than one million users

The following responses from Clearwell customers, partners and the industry as a whole are taken from Symatec’s blog –

Symantec acquisition of Clearwell is a perfect marriage between best of breed technologies,” said Shawn Waggoner, Director, Archiving and eDiscovery at Terremark. “Our company has achieved significant benefits by using Enterprise Vault and Clearwell eDiscovery Platform. As Symantec continues to deepen the integration of the two products into a more complete solution, we look forward to providing this end-to-end archiving and eDiscovery solution to our customers to meet their legal and discovery needs.”

“The acquisition of Clearwell enables Symantec to bolster its end-to-end eDiscovery capabilities by addressing the search, discovery, and analysis of electronically stored information in distributed endpoints (such as laptops and desktops) and cloud-based applications,” said Vivian Tero, Program Director, Governance, Risk and Compliance Infrastructure, IDC. “We anticipate the integration of Clearwell into the broader Symantec organization will be relatively smooth.”

“As information continues to grow at unprecedented rates, the biggest challenge for customers is to protect, manage and backup this information as well as have the ability to categorize and discover it efficiently,” said Deepak Mohan, senior vice president, Information Management Group, Symantec. “The acquisition of Clearwell’s market leading electronic discovery solution further increases Symantec’s ability to get the right information, to the right people, at the right time, while reducing overall review costs and limiting risk.”

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