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Trade in Blackberries and PDA’s Is Booming

1st June 2009

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Despite the major mobile telephone brands suffering in this economic climate, one are of business is booming.

The trade in second hand blackberries and PDA’s is booming, particularly in Nigeria.

The reality is that although the handset itself is a particularly attractive commodity, it’s actually not the telephone itself that is providing the interest – it’s the prospect of finding valuable data on the handset that has sparked the interest of the not so “above board” consumer.

Apparently 4 in 5 mobile users store personal and company data on their handests. This can be anything from simple information (but sufficient enough to get through basic security challenges) up to banking information complete with user log-in’s and passwords. According to a recent survey of 600 commuters undertaken by Credant Technologies at London railway stations 24% of respondents admitted to storing sensitive data on their handsets. As we’ve said before, the diverse range of equipment now available on the consumer market should never be under-estimated nor should it’s ability to transport sensitive information.

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