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Network security: If I can compromise your wireless router, I own your network!

10th February 2012

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CYFOR’s Information Security Consultant, Shaun Peapell, recently wrote an article for InfoSec Resources online magazine.  Below is a brief introduction, for the full article please visit –

It is convenient, it is a necessity, and some devices give you no other option: wireless networking is all around us.

We all use wireless networks on a daily basis, whether you access the Internet on your laptop or your iPad. Most homes in the UK will have a wireless router provided by their ISP (Internet Service Provider), preconfigured and ready to start serving up the information highway. We accept it works with little or no knowledge of how it works and exactly what the risks are.

In my experience, there are still a vast amount of wireless networks out there that are either not protected or are offering poor protection in the form of encryption or access control. This provides easy access to anybody who wishes to utilise the service which is paid for by you! Without permission from the asset owner, it is theft, pure and simple. If don’t protect your wireless network and ensure only those that you authorise to use the service have access, then you are also to blame. Not locking down your network also gives the infiltrator access to your computer systems and the ability to capture, steal and glean your personal information. It is simple, if I can compromise your wireless router, I own your network! Period! Before I discuss the fruits of the hack or compromise, I will talk a little about the wireless network standards.

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