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Is the disillusionment around cloud computing justified?

24th May 2010

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At the CSO Interchange event in London earlier this month, a live poll of 30 Chief Security Officers believed cloud computing solutions to be an opportunity.

It was concluded, however, that industry standards were required to allow those adopting this technology to evaluate and compare alternative cloud providers.

Peter Bauer, CEO and founder of cloud based email management provide Mimecast said, “the truth is that any disillusionment around cloud computing is largely self inflicted.  The promise of rapid ROI, particularly given the prevailing economic climate, has led to organisations rushing to adopt cloud services without carrying our due diligence on vendors and the integrity of cloud infrastuctures.  To put it bluntly, the allure of the cloud has provoked businesses into putting their information at unnecessary risk, which is why cloud is now getting such a bad rap”.

The security concerns about cloud computing are certainly delaying its adoption.  Some argue that customer data is more secure when managed internally, while others argue that cloud providers have a strong incentive to maintain trust and as such employ a higher level of security.  Even so, in a recent report by Gartner, they placed cloud computing at the top of strategic technology areas of 2010.

Peter Bauer added, “cloud systems that have been fully architectured by a single vendor, with security in mind at every stage of the process, can unquestionably result in better data protection than a business’ own client-server setup”.  In other words, security should be a reason to adopt cloud services, not avoid them.

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