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29th April 2010

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Our Forensic Services Director and a number of the Forensic Investigators attended Infosecurity Europe this week.

The ever increasing popularity of this event indicates that businesses are becoming more security aware, and with good reason.

A report released at Info Security by PriceWaterhouse Coopers, claimed that security breaches are a continuing problem despite the fact that businesses are far more aware of the issue.  The increasing emphasis on information security does not seem to have been affected by the current state of the economy.  Chris Potter, partner of One Security at PwC said, “almost half the organisations we polled told us they had increased expenditure on information security in the last year and roughly the same number said they expected to spend more on it next year”.

The 2010 Information Security Breaches Survey (ISBS) found that, amongst large organisations, 46% said they had experienced loss or leaked confidential data through staff error, and 45% of these breaches were classed as very serious.

CYFOR dealt with an information security breach only last week when we provided immediate response to an incident that could have been devastating for the reputation of the client.

Also reported by the Information Commissioners Office this week was that since the end of 2007, the NHS has reported 287 data breaches.  This report has given greater leverage to the ICO in demanding more power to prosecute those in serious breach of the Data Protection Act.

Although Information security awareness has moved up the agenda, is it high enough?

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