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Forensic Examination Backlogs are Posing a Serious Risk

23rd November 2009

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The lead on e-crime at the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has warned that Forensic Examination Backlogs was a risk to ongoing investigations.

The build up of digital evidence could also prove problematic to people waiting for property to be returned.

Ms Williams, Deputy Assistant Commissioner of The Register, stated “what we’re very keen on doing is looking for a forensic triage tool that police officers or forensic officers can use locally.”

Ms Williams said that the current backlog is one of e-crime’s biggest problems but ACPO is close to identifying the right product to handle it. She added that investigators must now consider that in a modern climate, people’s lives are often centered around equipment that is seized. “If someone takes your computer, there might be a part of it that contains illicit material, intelligence or evidence, but there might also be part which contains all your banking details and your diary.”

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