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Secure Data Hosting

CYFOR have in place an exceptionally secure data hosting infrastructure to facilitate the extensive civil and criminal investigations undertaken. 

Data Security Infrastructure

As a Data Processor we can confirm we have in place the appropriate technical and contractual measures to ensure secure data hosting of sensitive information. Our Data Protection Officer is responsible for the registration of systems and access requests on a daily basis.

We are experienced in working in high security environments where our systems need to be robust, secure, fully audited and access controlled. Our process for ensuring security of sensitive data is backed up by our robust IT System, which enables us to store data, ‘locking down’ information that needs restricted password protected access.

Passwords can only be given to those with the correct authorisation. We also use encryption and coded documents where necessary on high level security items. We compile and maintain comprehensive records of all security protocols, access levels and document sharing to ensure the highest level of security is afforded to the information being transmitted. CYFOR operates independent networks to ensure that there is zero possibility of cross contamination between data obtained as part of an examination, and data utilised as part of the operation of the business.

CYFOR’s secure data hosting network operates on its own independent forensic server. This network has no access to the internet ensuring that it cannot be compromised through remote access. Furthermore, no wireless network operates within the building. All servers and forensic images are stored within the aforementioned evidence store, and is thus subject to the same physical protection as our exhibits. Our firewall denies all ingress unless the IP address is specifically designated to be allowed. A copy is also backed up as a safeguard in the case of fire, flood, server failure etc. This copy is taken off site to a secure external location by a member of our aforementioned secure courier team.

To further evidence our commitment to safeguarding data security CYFOR have achieved the ISO/27001 Information Security Standard. Our ICT Systems have enhanced controls to manage risks, integrity and availability. Our Systems ensure we deliver a timely, secure and efficient sharing of information. We have document control and control of records procedures within our integrated management system covering access to restricted information and the safe storage of records for the mandatory number of years.

Security Overview                                                                               

  • CYFOR hold ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management Certification and our security arrangements have been independently inspected by The Metropolitan Police.
  • CYFOR maintains SC cleared across the business and hold NPPV Level 3 security clearances across all our forensic facilities. NPPV Level 3 allows long term, frequent and uncontrolled access to secret police assets and occasional access to top-secret police assets.

Secure Evidence Storage

CYFOR has extensive security arrangements in place to protect exhibits. Evidence stores are areas with the tightest security. All evidence is controlled via our Microsoft Dynamics Case Management system, access to this is controlled so that only relevant staff are able to access these without supervision. All users have their own specific credentials which create an audit trail whenever they enter the store. CYFOR conduct a weekly random spot check to ensure the audit process is sufficient and being adhered to.

CYFOR is conscious of the need to ensure that our practices and procedures will survive detailed scrutiny. Strict protocols are in place to ensure that all evidence is secure and its integrity preserved.

A strict procedure is in force for the handling of original evidence and all exhibits are immediately resealed once they have been handled.

All internal forms contain checks to ensure that seals are secure and seal numbers are recorded as appropriate and a confirmation process is used which requires two members of staff to sign for the movement of evidence. All processes are documented and the complete case file is available for production where necessary.

When exhibits are received on site they are immediately transferred into our secure evidence store. This store is restricted to authorised personnel and has the following additional security features:

  • A re-enforced SEAP Level 3 ballistically approved single entrance door with self-closing facility.
  • Separate access control system restricted to authorised personnel only.
  • Integrated alarm system, with digital communicator and security contractor GSS operating on a 24-hour zone and connected to a central monitoring station.
  • Approved fireproof media safe for storage of removable media and archived material.
  • Re-enforced steel cages protected by 5 lever locks and digital combination padlocks for the additional protection and storage of sensitive exhibits.

Secure Data Hosting

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