0207 438 2045 contact@cyfor.co.uk

0207 438 2045 contact@cyfor.co.uk

Project ManagementProject Management

CYFOR provide a dedicated Case Manager for each project

Project management is deemed critical by the team at CYFOR and your dedicated project manager will provide a single point of contact throughout your eDisclosure project. The case management functionality compliments this service and enables the client to produce reports and configure cases independently as required.

Case Analytics: 

Deliver summary reports to monitor case progress, ensuring that resources are properly allocated and deadlines are met. Pre-built case reports display the total number of messages reviewed, un-reviewed, and tagged.

Multi-Case Architecture: 

64-bit, distributed, case-based architecture enables the management of hundreds of cases and thousands of users through a centralised interface. It is possible to provide complete tracking, and management capabilities, with case-specific processing, analytics, tags, review sets, and reports.

Case Configuration: 

Case administrators allows the user to create cases, manage groups, topics, review sets, decision tree tag structures, and tag values using an intuitive, web-based interface. Multiple case administrators are supported and restricted access with role-based security can be applied.

User Management: 

Enables case administrators to manage user accounts, including user name, password, and role. Administrators can also limit views and restrict access and actions such as tagging and production privileges.

Audit Trail and Activity Reporting: 

Tracks user actions such as login, logout, search, tag, print, and export, providing a full, reproducible audit trail. Case-specific auditing and automatic production of activity reports for all cases and users.

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