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Data Production

CYFOR has extensive experience within civil litigation and eDisclosure cases, allowing for the completion of every step of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).

Automatic Electronic Disclosure List

At the point of disclosure, CYFOR can produce a full list of all electronic documents which are to form part of the disclosure, in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules detailed in Practice Direction 31B.

This list can be automatically generated based on your own specifications. Each document can be given a unique reference number, perfect for those times when a specific document must be referred to during proceedings.

The automatic electronic disclosure list can be provided in a format suitable for opening in Microsoft Excel, meaning it can be accessed and viewed on any computer, as well as being easy to print.

The electronic disclosure list can be tailored to your disclosure needs, and can contain document metadata, such as:

  • Key dates
  • Document title, or email subject
  • Author, or email sender
  • Recipients

CYFOR can alleviate the necessity for legal professionals to manually produce a disclosure list, significantly speeding up the disclosure process and allowing you more time to focus on other important tasks.

Data Production

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