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Keyword Consultancy

CYFOR provide keyword consultancy as standard practice within eDiscovery matters.

Our expert analysts review the proposed keywords from a technical perspective to ensure that our advanced review platforms will accept them as relevant. This is also important from a usage point of view to establish their effectiveness, relevance and how appropriateness. Applying these criteria will also ensure that this responsive data derived from the keywords is proportionate to the entire data set inputted into our review platforms.

Search Terms Reports

Searches can be ran to identify documents that contain a specific group of keywords or phrases. The results are then compiled into a Search Terms Report (STR). This is useful for gaining a quick understanding of a data set that can often be large and full of irrelevant documents.

Search Terms Reports allow you to visualise the results of the searches by breaking these down into both summaries and charts, shown below.

Keyword Consultancy

Figure 1 – Search Term/Phrases Breakdown

Keyword Consultancy

Figure 2 – Search Term/Phrases chart breakdown

Search Terms Reports can assist you in prioritising which documents to review first, based on the frequency of hits, reducing the time of review. Keyword and phrase highlighting allows for specific keywords and phrases to be highlighted in a selected colour. This helps you easily find what keywords and phrases you are looking for.

Keyword Consultancy

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