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0207 438 2045 contact@cyfor.co.uk

Data ProcessingData Processing

Effective data processing within civil litigation and eDiscovery/ eDisclosure matters is crucial as it stream lines workflow and can significantly reduce costs.

Once the pre-processing criteria have been applied, such as custodian (key people involved in the matter), date range and file type, the resulting data set is processed.  The processing stage of eDisclosure converts the collected data into a form suitable for review and analysis.

High performance processes index documents at rates of up to 1TB per day.  Over 400 different files types can be processed, including support for optical character recognition of images containing text.  Automatic de-duplication enables duplicates to be removed across multiple data stores and the entire data set.

Following processing and indexing, advanced search and analysis capabilities enable the client to gain immediate visibility into case facts.  The ability to conduct transparent searches enhances the ability to cull irrelevant information by 80% to 90%.

The data can be automatically filtered and grouped by email sender or recipient name, document type, language type, and extraneous emails.  Certain email addresses associated with a particular custodian can be included or excluded.

Analysis of data enables emails to be linked together into discussion threads so that primary and peripheral participants can be identified.  It is possible at this stage to answer questions, such as who knew what and when.


CYFOR utilise the latest technology review and analysis platforms such as Relativity and Clearwell to process vast amounts of ESI within eDiscovery/ eDisclosure and civil litigation matters.

Benefits of using CYFOR include:

  • Experienced case managers
  • Court trained forensic investigators
  • ISO 9001:2008 Accredited
  • Court ready reports from industry experts
  • Secure collection and delivery of exhibits via security cleared CYFOR couriers

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