0207 438 2045 contact@cyfor.co.uk

0207 438 2045 contact@cyfor.co.uk

Data CaptureData Capture

Data capture and the preservation of digital data is critical in many types of investigations.

Imaging of computers and associated media should be considered in all cases where further investigation or disclosure may be required. Capturing this data using forensically sound methodology is vital if the integrity of any subsequent investigation is to be maintained.


CYFOR has extensive experience capturing and collecting data from all types of media. Our team operates globally, often travelling at short notice to ensure that a complete set of data is recovered.

CYFOR understands the wider commercial implications of data collection, including the cost and disruption to the business.  As such we also offer the collection of logical evidence files which allows you to select which files or folders you wish to preserve, instead of acquiring the entire drive or server.  This method of data collection can reduce processing costs and minimise disruption to business continuity through live acquisition.

We are experienced in providing a discreet service, working covertly and outside operating hours if required. Our data capture team is available 24/7 to meet your requirements.

Benefits of using CYFOR include:

  • Experienced case managers
  • Court trained forensic investigators
  • ISO 9001:2008 Accredited
  • Court ready reports from industry experts
  • Secure collection and delivery of exhibits via security cleared CYFOR couriers


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