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Manchester: 0161 797 8123
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With over 14 years’ experience, CYFOR are leading specialists in eDiscovery and litigation support services.

Operating globally, we offer full electronic discovery services to support law firms, corporate clients, regulatory bodies and government agencies in litigation, dispute resolution and investigations. With multiple offices across the UK and Ireland, we are well placed to conduct global forensic collections and provide onsite services at a moment’s notice.

We maximise our digital forensics capabilities to complement our eDiscovery disciplines and are no strangers to complex extractions within politically unstable and militarised regions. As experts in handling clients’ electronic data, we have a full proven capability from extraction through to production within the EDRM lifecycle. Our eDiscovery service is also scalable and provides you with a proportionate, defensible and repeatable solution, providing the tools and managed services to ensure your eDiscovery requirements are met. Our client focused, consultative approach has enabled us to deliver exceptional and cost effective results, time and time again.

CYFOR is ISO 9001 and 27001 accredited, applying secure quality standards across all areas of the business. These accreditations are essential when providing services to corporations and multi-national businesses throughout the UK and Europe.

Fixed Price Quotations

The abundance of ESI created and stored by organisations has made efficient disclosure practices more important than ever before. Producing information for review and analysis in response to disclosure requirements can be consuming and expensive.

With over a decade of experience in eDiscovery and eDisclosure we know it’s essential to have a handle on costs. CYFOR have adapted to the Jackson Reforms to offer fixed price quotes, which not only helps your clients predict costs but also enables the eDisclosure process to be applied to smaller cases on an investigatory basis.  Fixed pricing gives that extra assurance to clients and helps build a trusting relationship, which is key to success.

Complimentary Consultations

As experts within the field of eDiscovery we understand the challenges that are faced, including transparent upfront costs. That is why we offer obligation free consultations from our industry experts, where they can provide software demonstrations and conference calls to explain processes. We also endeavour to provide a realistic and competitive cost estimate on the day an enquiry is made.

Support and Client Care

Your dedicated Case Manager and Data Analyst are on hand to support you through every stage of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) providing a flexible, case winning, cost effective investigative approach.

From the initial CMC to the final court production CYFOR offer a solution every step of the way.

Our department of electronic discovery experts have extensive experience ranging from small matters that include a handful of devices right through to complex, multi-jurisdictional, large scale investigations and disclosure projects.


CYFOR’s team of specialists have extensive experience in collecting ESI across a broad range of sectors in the following formats;

  • Emails – Cloud based and Local email exchange
  • Computers / Laptops and Tablets
  • Mobile Phones (SMS/ MMS)
  • Deleted Data
  • Voice data (including phone calls and Voicemails)
  • Hard copy documentation
  • Video / Audio
  • Social Media / Forums
  • Bespoke Databases (including Sage etc.)

eDiscovery Technology 

CYFOR understand the need to be at the cutting edge of evolving electronic discovery technology. That is why we utilise a range of leading online review technology platforms including EnCase, Nuix and the Relativity eDiscovery platform. We have at our disposal our own document review team as well as eDiscovery project managers who are experts in;

  • Technology Assisted Review
  • Predictive coding
  • Relativity Analytics

We are also proud to have Relativity Certified Administrators, joining an elite group of certified users totalling less than 1000 worldwide. This certification ensures that users of the software fully understand its capabilities and can maximise its potential for end users, which is in CYFOR’s goal to provide the highest level of service to clients’, while further establishing all capabilities readily available for a successful outcome.




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