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Manchester: 0161 797 8123
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Expert Witness Service

CYFOR’s digital forensic experts have provided exceptional expert witness services for over a decade

As Expert Witnesses, CYFOR are called upon to explain matters in an impartial manner to the courts within the arenas of digital forensics and eDiscovery. In this capacity we may be instructed by the defence or prosecution in criminal and fraud cases or, in the case of civil litigation, the legal team for the claimant or the respondent. There are also instances in which the court may instruct a CYFOR expert witness to act as the Single Joint Expert (SJE) in order to prepare a report on behalf of two or more of the parties.

Criminal, Fraud Cases and Cases of Civil Litigation

Our experts are fully conversant with the Criminal Procedure Rules Part 33 and the Civil Procedures Rules Part 35 and the Guidance for the Instruction of Experts to give Evidence in Civil Claims, issued by the Civil Justice Council.

CYFOR investigators are consummate professionals, providing independent and objective reports on whatever case they may handle. If required to support their investigation in a court of law, this professionalism is carried through to any evidence given.

All CYFOR investigators receive regular courtroom training provided by one of the leading companies in the UK.

Examples of the areas in which CYFOR are able to offer an expert witness testimony include;

  • Terrorism offences
  • Drug related offences
  • Murder & Assault
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Theft, bribery & fraud
  • Possession, making and distribution of indecent images (IIC)
  • Sexual offences & indecent assault

We appreciate that affiliations and accreditation can give clients confidence in our capabilities. It also means our work is regulated and quality assured. That is why we are Law Society Registered and approved as Expert Witnesses by several regulatory bodies in the UK.

Expert Witness Press & Media Enquiries

CYFOR’s digital forensic and eDiscovery specialists are regularly invited by the Press and Media to provide expert commentary and analysis on current stories involving computer forensics, CCTV, audio visual analysis and mobile phone forensics.

Members of the press and media may contact our marketing department on 0207 438 2045 for further information.

Expert Witness Service



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