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Manchester: 0161 797 8123
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CYFOR acquires eOrigin Ltd to expand eDisclosure specialist capability

10th January 2012

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Leading digital forensics and eDisclosure specialist CYFOR has today announced the successful acquisition of the eDisclosure solutions company, eOrigin Ltd, to further enhance its eDisclosure capability.

eDiscovery and the disclosure of key supporting electronic documentation is an increasingly necessary part of any matter, be it a civil or criminal investigation.  With the exponential data growth within companies predicted to continue, the need to collect, sift and cull electronic data to find responsive and potentially relevant information in a proportionate or cost responsible manner is more critical than ever.

eOrigin’s established capability to quickly connect, collect and discover terrabytes of data in either a mobile or hosted way, utilising the latest eDisclosure tools, is an essential part of the eDisclosure toolkit.  This enhancement provides a new capability to CYFOR’s proven and successful eDisclosure solutions.

The current founding Managing Director of eOrigin, Nick Pollard, will lead the enhanced eDisclosure department within CYFOR.

“eOrigin Ltd is an important addition to CYFOR’s eDisclosure practice, giving CYFOR an additional set of tools for handling very large data volumes and an ability to provide quick and cost effective Early Case Assessment of smaller cases” commented Joel Tobias, Managing Director of CYFOR Ltd.  “The acquisition has enabled CYFOR to marry external talent to our own in-house skills and provide a winning combination of technical expertise and service excellence.”

eOrigin’s Nick Pollard said “I am delighted to be joining the management team of CYFOR. With our combined resources, CYFOR can further strengthen their standing in the eDisclosure market place by providing clients with an end to end capability in navigating the huge complexities and sensitivities of eDisclosure.”

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