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Cyber Attack protection – does such a thing exist?

19th August 2011

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Zurich Insurance, the Digital Forensic Alliance and Digital Forensic Insurance Services, have joined forces to set up an insurance policy to protect and provide a deterrent against internal and external cyber attacks.

As part of the Digital Forensic Alliance, which is made up of highly qualified forensic investigation companies, CYFOR has bought into the policy.

As the threat of a cyber attack is becoming commonplace, organisations are more aware than ever about the need to put protective measures in place.  This is the first policy of its kind  which will provide access to expert digital forensic investigators and reimbursement of computer forensic examination costs.

CyberProtect is a unique policy, available at a relatively small cost, designed to provide protection for businesses that are vulnerable to the following potentially catastrophic risks:

  • Data Recovery – Loss of company data or access passwords following either ‘back-up’, equipment or software failure, as a result of accidental/malicious deletion
  • Theft of Intellectual Property – Investigation costs following actual or suspected theft of company, customer or general databases, plans/specifications/drawings, sensitive and confidential company information
  • Computer Misuse Act 1990 – Investigation costs to discover time locks, logic bombs and hacking
  • Employee Misuse – Contract of employment or company IT breaches in respect of internet or email abuse, inappropriate IT use or ‘time wasting’
  • Crime – Forensic investigation services to detect cyber theft or fraud
  • Mobile Devices – Forensic investigation/analysis of laptops, mobile phones, PDA’s, plug-in devices and the like where you again suspect misuse

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