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App Happy: The top 10 apps for lawyers

3rd January 2012

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I recently read an interesting article in Legal Week about the top 10 apps for lawyers (written by Andy Moseby at Kemp Little).  I thought I would summarise this…

  1. Dropbox (iPad & iPhone) – Use the file-sharing service to have non confidential marketing material and credential statements always at your fingertips.
  2. Apple iWork (iPad & iPhone) – Allows you to open, create, amend and save all your Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.  be warned though, document compatibility is not great so sharing them with a PC audience may result in formatting or style changes.
  3. OfficeTime (iPad & iPhone) – The simplest way to record time when working remotely.
  4. SignMyPad (iPad) – Ideal for annotating and emailing PDF files.
  5. Noteshelf (iPad) – The best app for taking and storing electronic notes.  To write on an iPad properly, you need a capacitive stylus.  The best on the market is a Jot Pro which creates thin lines and is even magnetic, so you can attach it to the side of your iPad.
  6. Splashtop Remote Desktop (iPad & iPhone) – This app effectively takes over control of any computer remotely, providing you have a stable wifi or 3G connection.  As well as enabling you to work on any document and save it down to your desktop instantly, it also allows you to run any application or access any content stored on your computer.
  7. WIRED Magazine (iPad) – Downloading issues in a pain – each one about 400mb – but it’s worth the wait.  The US version of the magazine is superior.
  8. Instapaper (iPad & iPhone) – This app allows you to save online articles while browsing on your iPad, syncing with your desktop so you can highlight web pages while on your PC throughout the day to read offline later.
  9. iNap: Arrival Alert (iPhone) – Uses the iPhone’s GPS functionality to sound an alarm once you arrive at a preset destination.  A must have for anyone commuting home after a late night completion.
  10. iAmiga (iPad) – An iPad game which hasn’t been released yet but promises nostalgic game playing.

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